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15 June 2016 Wednesday
  • New trends towards homo-mobile interactions, demand-supply needs, diversity in market players, and more innovative payment vehicles
  • 'QuickPass', a new mobile payment solution based on HCE and Token technology
  • How mobile payment ecosystem with superior user experience is built
  • Marketing campaign evolution with 'Mobile Payment - Big Data' driven behind
  • Further outlook for optimum solutions in support of 'magstripe & chip cards' NFC payment
  • Optimization of BTLEPay with iBeacon tech customized to China market
  • New changes, challenges and trends in the risks of mobile payment and Response Strategy
  • Innovations on POS terminal to set up NFCPay, BTLEPay, HCEPay, QRPay altogether
  • Further tech & business strategies towards supreme level of payment security and user experience in all scenarios
16 June 2016 Thursday
  • China market entry strategy with integration of advanced Mobile Payment tech solutions
  • The next momentum thro optimal development of HCE tech in MP industry
  • How data protection adheres to the highest level of mobile payment security
  • How traditional retail industries transform to O2O business in the era of mobile payment
  • Banking sector transformation in compliance with MP development
  • How binding shopping card into smartphones takes effect in enriching payment experience
  • Mobile payments with wearable devices for a comfortable, convenient, secure and smart new life
  • How mobile payment boosts Cross-Border e-Commerce
  • "Internet+" initiatives in China and the implications for the country's mobile payment industry
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